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Stereoptic Cards

Here is the second card. I have looked through the ones I have and the cards fall into two categories. Staged events or posed shots around an artillery piece or a camp. The fact that the individuals in these images … Continue reading

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Stereoptic Cards

Many years back my Grandmother gave me a gift that she was unaware how much an impact it was to have on me. It came about because I had bought a stereoptic card and I wanted to borrow a viewer. … Continue reading

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Poland’s Overlooked Enigma Code-Breakers

This is the un-taught story of World War II. We know of the great generals that won battles and of Bletchley Park and the Enigma, but try to tell somebody of the success of Poland in WWII and they look … Continue reading

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The New Phone Books Are Here !!!!

Hopefully some of you out there will get that line from the Steve Martin classic. For others, well the Lardy Summer Special is out and it is bigger than ever. I think the only thing holding Richard and Company back … Continue reading

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