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Nautical Porn

The title of naval porn was my first thought for this piece, and than I Googled it. Not a good idea. Don’t try this at home with the kids around. By naval porn I meant nautical as in ships, old … Continue reading

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Running a Little Behind

Somehow this year has just been running by. No excuses, just life. While I have spent a lot of time with my 1940 world of Operation Sealion, I have not forgotten The Great War. Projects that I am currently working … Continue reading

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You Might be a Terrorist

Last night I found out I was a terrorist… Yep, I. You see I was at my synagogue’s book club and we were working on the summer reading list for the congregation. One of the members offer a new book … Continue reading

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Camp Colt

This past weekend my wife and I spent some time out at Gettysburg enjoying long walks, watching our dog Maya try to find the latest new smell and did some antiquing. In the off season Gettysburg can be very relaxing. … Continue reading

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Harlem Hellfighters

With multiple book releases on the Harlem Hellfighters (and a possible movie) my only question is where are the 15mm miniatures. Will Peter Pig be releasing an American line in time to paint them for the Centenary of 1917-18? How … Continue reading

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Stereoptic Cards

Here is the second card. I have looked through the ones I have and the cards fall into two categories. Staged events or posed shots around an artillery piece or a camp. The fact that the individuals in these images … Continue reading

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Stereoptic Cards

Many years back my Grandmother gave me a gift that she was unaware how much an impact it was to have on me. It came about because I had bought a stereoptic card and I wanted to borrow a viewer. … Continue reading

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The Wait is Over

A hundred years ago, less two days the Breslau bombarded the Black Sea port of Theodosia. A hundred and two days from now Grand Vizier expressed regret to Allies for the operations of their Navy. It is not enough. War … Continue reading

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On to Baghdad

As the Germans advanced deeper into France the British Empire was unifying to assist the home islands. The Indian Army while looking to support operations in east Africa and in France also looked at protecting the oil refineries in Mohammerah … Continue reading

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WWI Aviation is Back

I am pleased to see Will Boucher’s Blog WWI Aviation Illustration is back after a 241 day hiatus. He has produced so many great aircraft art pieces that are a boon to modelers and gamers. He has started out with two … Continue reading

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