About GFB

While the term, “to the green fields beyond” is connected to The Great War of 1914-18, it is a mantra similar to, “the troops will be home by Christmas” (another great name for a blog).

When I first started working on the idea of Green Fields Beyond, it was as a to support my interests in The Great War, mainly off the beaten path. This was to be mainly operations in the Middle East against the Ottoman Empire and her allies. This has expanded to the Pacific (Tsing Tao) and South America (Coronel and the Falklands) and lastly Africa (Tanga and German Southwest Africa). It will also include The Great War in Persia/Iran.

It has expanded to now cover all operations that catch my fancy, including modern conflicts in the Middle East and post-Roman Britain. The blog will still remain seventy plus percent centered on The Great War.

All games are based on the TOOFATLardies’ rule systems. The media reviews are mine unless stated otherwise. All books have been purchased by myself (although I would love to receive copies from any willing publisher).

Anything seen on the sight is for sale. I am trying to make a little money here.

Please contact me with any questions.

Jonathan Yuengling


2 Responses to About GFB

  1. Alexandre Conefrey says:

    I’m a suporting member of TMP. I’ve seen your post and wish you all the best. It’s a period or a sub-period or whatever that I’m very interested. Regards, Alex

  2. Interesting blog you have going here. I haven’t come across many that are interested in this important period in our recent history. Look forward to reading more. Keep it going.

    Wesley Gransden

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