You Might be a Terrorist

RMS LusitaniaLast night I found out I was a terrorist…

Yep, I. You see I was at my synagogue’s book club and we were working on the summer reading list for the congregation. One of the members offer a new book on the RMS Lusitania when three members of the club started in on the fact that the submarine captain and crew  were terrorists as they were willing to not only sink the Lusitania but fire a second torpedo to ensure that more women and children were killed. I also found out the he refused to fire a third torpedo as he meet his quota of dead women and children. That was from a movie/documentary.

I smiled at the Rabbi and bit my tongue.

Afterwards talking to the chair of the committee and my Rabbi I brought up that I found out that I was a terrorist as I was willing to follow lawful orders on a submarine. Also I pondered how many other terrorists is part of the congregation. They both knew my back story and were willing to let it go, just ramblings of women who had not idea of the context.

I mean the passengers knew they were heading into a war zone, that submarines were sinking ships and that this war was going on for almost a year. It was in most of the newspapers. It would be like me wanting to go to the archeological site in Syria and be surprised that people were shooting. I mean I am an American so I am protected, right? Do I feel for the loss of the passengers and crew of the Lusitania, yes I do, but we all have to remember context and the fact that service men are often asked to do things most people would refuse or at least find distasteful.

I will now get off my soap box.

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