Camp Colt

This past weekend my wife and I spent some time out at Gettysburg enjoying long walks, watching our dog Maya try to find the latest new smell and did some antiquing. In the off season Gettysburg can be very relaxing. I was not thinking at all about my project dealing with The Great War when we drove out on Friday evening.

That changed Saturday morning when I took Maya out for her morning stroll. Within a stone throw away from our hotel was a plaque showing a picture of Camp Colt, used to train American in armored warfare in 1917-19 commanded by Captain Eisenhower.

Camp Colt

I knew Eisenhower was doing that here in the states as Patton was doing similar training in France. The funny thing about this is that Camp Colt took up the entire battlefield that we now associate with Pickett’s Charge. I do wonder what if anything is left under the soil
from this time.

So with me o the lookout for a good map I have a new project, that has some potential for The Great War as well as wargaming. (By the way did you know the USMC refought the Battle of Gettysburg in 1922? I didn’t.)

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