Battle of the Mons

mons15-lToday is the 100th anniversary for the Battle of the Mons. While not the first or the largest battle of The Great War, it was the largest so far for the British Expeditionary Force (BEF).

The British held a strong position along the Mon-Conde Canal. This was sacrificed with the pull back of Lanrezac’s Fifth Army. Communication between the allies was not what it should have been. By the afternoon the BEF was ordered to retreat. As this was done in the face of von Kluck’s First Army a number of sharp rear guard skirmishes occurred.

As the Germans held the field at the end of the day it should be considered a German victory. Yet for all of their numbers von Kluck’s First Army was unable to destroy the BEF. That in itself makes it a victory for the British. A costly victory.

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