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Battle of the Mons

Today is the 100th anniversary for the Battle of the Mons. While not the first or the largest battle of The Great War, it was the largest so far for the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). The British held a strong … Continue reading

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The Rules of the Game

After a very long slog, I have finally finished The Rules of the Game by Andrew Gordon. The subtitle “Jutland and British Naval Command” I found to be misleading. While many parts of the book are good and interesting there … Continue reading

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Lauren Bacall

This week we lost one of the greats from both the stage and screen. Lauren Bacall has left us. As a young man I looked forward to the great film noire that would show on our local television station. And … Continue reading

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The Lamps Are Going Out All Over Europe…

Today, a 100 years ago, Americans awoke to read that England and most of Europe was at war. This possible conflict was in all of the US papers but no one thought it was going to go this far. This was … Continue reading

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Cricket and the War

While I have often seen the special characters that miniature manufactures love to bring out I rarely take a second glance at them. While a prestigious officer or runner may get my attention, the soccer ball kicking or carousing soldiers … Continue reading

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