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28 July 1914

A hundred years ago today, the Austria-Hungry Dual Monarchy declared war on Serbia. Within the week the world was at war and was never to be the same again. Conflicts that are happening today are linked to a declaration of … Continue reading

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Buchanan Dog Park – A Historical Mystery

Today I spent a wonderful morning out at Lancaster Pennsylvania. Located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country.  It is a nice drive and we have a few favorite haunts we like to visit. One of which is the Buchanan … Continue reading

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Medium Mark A Whippet – Review

I have always been drawn to the more esoteric tanks when it comes to AFV. While most tread heads and rivet counters prefer Tigers, Panthers and Shermans, I on the other hand is more interested in Italian CV33, French FT17 … Continue reading

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Poland’s Overlooked Enigma Code-Breakers

This is the un-taught story of World War II. We know of the great generals that won battles and of Bletchley Park and the Enigma, but try to tell somebody of the success of Poland in WWII and they look … Continue reading

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Nationalism in The Great War

Often we hear how the shot that killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the cause of The Great War, but I am not certain that it was the cause. More likely it was the final part of a long process. … Continue reading

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Q2 Results

This quarter ended much to fast for me and I need this exercise to help keep me honest. Here is a review of the status of my two main blogs. My gaming, painting and blog were acceptable. My biggest advance … Continue reading

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