Looking for a Fort

turkwadif75mmeldkanoneWhile the spelling is different, Al-Faw or Fao I am looking for a source for an image of the fort that was along the Shat Al Arab in 1914.

This fort was home to 300 Ottoman troops and did little to hold up the British troops. I say Ottoman, as I believe they were elements of the Arab Division in the area.

While I know there were four artillery pieces present I am not sure what they were.  The two primary candidates are;

87mm Feldkanone L/24 Krupp M 1873
7.5cm Feldkanone L/30 Krupp M 03

The first is because I remember a note that they were 87mm. The second is based on the number of guns supplied to the Turks.

I am assuming the fort is of a low wall design as it is on the coastline. It may even be of a mud brick design acting as fort and customhouse. I do not even know if anything is left of it. I could not find anything from Google Earth but than again it is a rough neighborhood. The coordinates are 29°55′41″N 48°27′58″E for the area.

If you have an image or any information I would appreciate your assistance.

Thank you

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2 Responses to Looking for a Fort

  1. Edd jones says:

    John. We have a Turkish Field gun crest mounted on a oak plaque with the inscription: ‘TAKEN OFF A TURKISH GUN AT FAU MESOPOTIIA 1916′
    -I can email a photo’. Edd http://www.TheTrenchExperience.com
    01483 763 346

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