Mesopotamian Campaign of 1914-1918

Meso-WW1-1As my Gulf of Riga project is coming to a close I am now ramping up my Great War in Mesopotamian campaign. This is a research and gaming project dealing with the British and her allies vs. the Ottomans and their allies in Mesopotamian.

It will start with the landing at Fao and Mohammerah and will end with… Well I am not sure; there is a possibility of meeting the Russian coming from the Caucasus Front or the British from the Mediterranean. It is also possible that the war will come to an end before the British will get to Anatolia.

The research will come from not only looking at the British and Ottoman forces, but Russians and Persians to the East and Arabs to the west.

My initial sources include: The bastard war: The Mesopotamian campaign of 1914-1918 by A. J Barker and Official History of the War Mesopotamia Campaign 1914-1918. Both are excellent starting points. I will also be adding in Battalion histories and naval studies. Yes naval studies in the desert.

I will be adding additional books and videos to my Resources section.

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