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Sarajevo – Riots 28-29 June

Riots soon started first in Sarajevo on the 28th and latter spreading throughout the empire wherever Serb nationals could be found. While loss of life was minimal damage was extensive to Serbian businesses, schools and cultural centers. Riots continued the … Continue reading

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It Now Begins – 28th June 1914

It was only hundred years ago, well within many family collective memories when Gavrilo Princip shot the heir of the Austro-Hungarian throne and his wife in Sarajevo. Today is the start of commemoration for one of the greatest events in … Continue reading

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Nieuport 11/16 Bébé vs Fokker Eindecker

In his latest release, Jon Guttman has written another impressive story and one little told in the history of aviation. His Nieuport 11/16 Bébé vs Fokker Eindecker looks at two very important aircraft at the earliest stages of fighter combat. … Continue reading

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The New Phone Books Are Here !!!!

Hopefully some of you out there will get that line from the Steve Martin classic. For others, well the Lardy Summer Special is out and it is bigger than ever. I think the only thing holding Richard and Company back … Continue reading

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HMS Polyphemus

The HMS Polyphemus a Royal Navy torpedo ram, serving from 1881 until 1903. A perfect addition for any Space 1889 or Victorian Science Fiction fleet. Shallow-draft, fast, low profile vessel, she was designed to penetrate enemy harbors at speed and … Continue reading

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USS Akron – February 1931 – Video

USS Akron Moors To USS Patoka, Chesapeake Bay, February 1931 Here is a video of the USS Akron. A majestic ship (airship) flying gracefully across the sky. My initial interest was in the USS Patoka.

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Mitsubishi 1MT

Ever start an Internet search and it took you to a location you would never plan on visiting. Just look at this picture, you would have to read more. Come on admit it. Designed by Herbert Smith and other ex … Continue reading

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Marinekorps Flandern

We have all seen a soon to be released book and get excited about this soon to be released work. But, often you can wait a while for a new release to come out. The German Marine Corps in Flanders … Continue reading

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Looking for a Fort

While the spelling is different, Al-Faw or Fao I am looking for a source for an image of the fort that was along the Shat Al Arab in 1914. This fort was home to 300 Ottoman troops and did little … Continue reading

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Another resource that I love to use in a research projects are the videos on YouTube. YouTube is great for newsreels and period videos. In this case it is for a less academic and more nuanced view of the history … Continue reading

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