USS Patoka

091900927Hector Bywater’s The Great Pacific War: A History of the American-Japanese Campaign of 1931-1933 is one of the great alternate history books. A favorite of mine to take on holiday and pick up and read any chapter.

Using parts of the War Plan Orange this campaign story was written at the height of one of the many war scares between Japan and the United States in the early 1920s.  It mostly ignores the effects of the Washington Naval Conference so the ships are the dreams of naval designers and architects both professional and amateurs. Some were built and others were left on the drawing boards.

Hybrid warships were found along side battleships and battlecruisers. Carriers were found but the aircraft were not used for carrier strikes but for reconnaissance and gun spotting.

091900907Seaplanes and land-based aircraft were used in the story, but also airships. This was a time when airships had the advantage to stay in the air longer than conventional aircraft.  At some point the airships would need to return to a base or fleet anchorage to refuel and resupply. For this a specialized auxiliary was needed. With the   filling this role. With a 125 foot mooring mast and facilities for the airship crews, gasoline for the engines and helium for the cells on the airship.

While slow at 11 knots the Patoka was able to operate with other auxiliaries in the supply train. She could operate with the fleet or in major theaters such as the coasts of the United States, the Canal Zone or Hawaii.

091900902Now to run a campaign were these tactics come into play I needed the fleets of opposing warships, have those, aircraft and airships, have them as well, and lastly the auxiliary such as the USS Patoka. There I have a problem. I not only do not have a miniature for the ship, I do not have even a base ship to make a conversion with. Is this a problem for me, well I may have to work on a 3D model for my fleet if I cannot find anyone else to do it. It is needed as a target for the other side.

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2 Responses to USS Patoka

  1. Alan says:

    MY Miniatures does a USS Patoka in 1/3000 Scale if that’s any help?

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