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Winston Churchill’s World War Disaster

Or was it. Winston Churchill came up with a number of ideas to win or shorten The Great War. He had seen war first hand and understood war was not about parading the troops or ships with their brass work … Continue reading

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Telegram for the Declaration of War

In researching the monitor blog I found this gem. The Internet is a blessing and a curse. The Austro-Hungarian government’s declaration of war in a telegram sent to the government of Serbia on 28 July 1914, signed by Imperial Foreign … Continue reading

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Warship That Fired First Shots of WWI Now a Barge in Serbia

If you saw this ship at a marina you would think barge or even a boat heading to the breakers.  Yet this hulk has the distinction to be the ship to fire the first shot of The Great War. For … Continue reading

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The Great War in the Baltic

My most recent project deals with The Great War in the Baltic. Amateur historians and naval buffs may know of Fisher’s folly to bring the Royal Navy into the Baltic to land Russian troops and advance on Berlin. They may … Continue reading

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Vintage aircraft pilot died after losing control of first world war plane

It is a sad day as an experienced pilot lost his life while flying a replica of the Fokker Eindekker. The Eindekker was a difficult aircraft to fly in its day as it used wing warping instead of ailerons. I … Continue reading

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USS Patoka

Hector Bywater’s The Great Pacific War: A History of the American-Japanese Campaign of 1931-1933 is one of the great alternate history books. A favorite of mine to take on holiday and pick up and read any chapter. Using parts of … Continue reading

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7th Cruiser Squadron…

…or the Live Bait Squadron. The 7th Cruiser Squadron was assigned to patrol the eastern part of the English Channel and the southern part of the North Sea also known as the “Broad Fourteens”. With support from destroyers from the … Continue reading

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