Starbucks and Apple

Go into a Starbucks, any Starbucks any where. Where I sit now seven people working, reading or just chilling. In front of five of them are Apple products; laptops, iPhones, iPods or iPads. Well the count should be six as I am writing this on my iPad.

Today for the cost of a cup of coffee (or for me a cup of tea) you have accesses to friends and colleagues from around the would. The Starbucks that I am at is in a college section of town so most appear to be doing school work.

The combination of an iPad and Starbucks means you are always connected. Think how many books, newspapers or shows you have on you iPad? There is no better way to lose a little time while waiting on an appointment or just need to relax.

I wonder if Apple and Starbucks ever thought of complimentary market? Just a thought. Need to get back to my book on Jutland. There had to be a connection to The Great War.

Enjoy the day

Typed on my iPad. Sorry for any errors.

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