Book Acquisitions

This has been a great week for acquisitions. I picked up Max Hastings Catastrophe 1914 at a local independent bookshop. It is important to support the few remaining independent booksellers left. I really enjoy all the books Hastings has written and look forward to devouring it. I also picked up a book on the Vichy Air Force that will be used for TOOFATLardies’ Bag the Hun at a used game and bookshop.

The best was a total surprise. Often, I receive offers on books that are on my current wish list from Pen and Sword (also the publisher of Vichy Air Force at War). And if the deal is good enough or I have a need for the reference material for a project I am working on I place an order. Often forgetting about it as I move on to another project.

This week I was surprised to find delivered two books from England. The Battleship Builders will be part of a project with The Lardies on rules dealing with the pre-dreadnought and The Great War ears. The book Pioneer Battalions will help round out my understanding of the troops not only at the trenches but what made these siege lines possible.

I guess I need to get reading.

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