Odin Class CDS

OdinThe Odin Class was an important, yet transitional class of warships for the Kaiserliche Marine. A follow on to the Siegfried Class, the two ships of the Odin class had a similar gun arrangement with two 24-centimeter SK L/35 individually turreted forward and a single 24-centimeter SK L/35 gun aft.

Their secondary battery consisted of ten 88mm SK L/30 giving them a tremendous amount of firepower on a hull of 3,550 tons. Additionally they carried three 18” torpedo tubes (as did most capital ships of the time). They were also heavily armored with a belt of 220mm of Krupp compound steel and 180mm of teak.

Range and habitation was limited as they were designed for port defense only.  Any raiding cruiser or destroyer flotilla would have been in for a rude awaking if they found either of these ships off of the German ports. They are small but deadly.

There usefulness as warships came to an end in 1915 as more modern battleships and cruisers were able to protect the German coast.

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