Zeppelins and Dreadnoughts

AP 1There are times that I do not have the right miniature for one of my naval battles. It can be an obscure British light cruiser or a German battlewagon. While I could just use the closest thing in my collection I often turn to my friends at Avalanche Press for a quick solution.

I have been a fan of their products since the initial release of The Mediterranean in 1996.  Their games play much like a miniatures game with a strong operational movement system. We often use their games for strategic play to get our ships into position and use one of our favorite miniature rules to fight the action itself. The counters are similar in size to my miniatures and they look great.

Mike Bennighof owner operator of Avalanche Press also produces excellent online resources for their games as well as sells supplements and scenario books. As a gamer and historian I have always had a love for airships. (That maybe why in a strange way why I volunteered for submarines.) So when I saw Zeppelins was released I had to add it to my collection. I also bought Dreadnoughts for the same reason.

While these are great additions to the Avalanche Press lineup, what impressed me the most was that they are a great value, even if you do not play Great War at Sea.  The histories of certain ships are interesting as this was at a time when a ship often-changed owners (even while being built). The stories behind the development of the zeppelins are interesting as the different nations took different paths. In the United States, both the US Army and Navy went in to different and distressing directions.

If you are interested in airships, or the period I think these are a great asset to an armchair historian or gamer. It is even better if you like the game system.

Let me know what you think.

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