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Brandenburg Class

The Brandenburgs were an improvement over existing German battleships when launched in 1893. They were useful supporting the coast defense ships and were a technology stepping-stone to further pre-dreadnoughts designs. While these designs were not used actively in The Great … Continue reading

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Odin Class CDS

The Odin Class was an important, yet transitional class of warships for the Kaiserliche Marine. A follow on to the Siegfried Class, the two ships of the Odin class had a similar gun arrangement with two 24-centimeter SK L/35 individually … Continue reading

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2013 In Review

I am very pleased with my blog results for 2013. I want to talk all of you the readers of my blogs. You make this possible for me to continue forward with my writing. As for 2014 I want to … Continue reading

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Zeppelins and Dreadnoughts

There are times that I do not have the right miniature for one of my naval battles. It can be an obscure British light cruiser or a German battlewagon. While I could just use the closest thing in my collection … Continue reading

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German Fire Control

Before I get started with the research that I have been doing on the German Imperial Navy I am pleased with the results of a recent blog post. While I do not receive any remuneration from Pen and Sword I … Continue reading

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