Broadside of a Barn

c6While working on the rules for my pre-dreadnought rules I came across two interesting facts. These deal with accuracy and designs and builds done by the US Navy. While a great deal of the game will deal with the Royal Navy and Kaiserliche Marine I have first hand access to US Navy records. Therefore I will start with the US Navy (and Spain).

The US Navy did win the War of 1898. They did sink a large number of ships. But at times I am not sure how.

In doing the research I find that the US Navy had an accuracy rate of less than 1% (with the Spanish being less than that). Now by “accuracy rate” this means hits and not penetration or duds.  By any standard this is abysmal.

This mean that the fire tables for the game will be done by gun batteries (of the same type) over a number of salvos. While gamers may want to track each shot, this is anything but efficient. The turns will be between 10 and 15 minutes per turn.

Design and Builds
As for builds, while the US Navy did build a large number of battleships and logistic vessels they came up short with scout cruisers.  While three were built between 1905 and 1907 these were parts of a long line of experimental designs going back to the 1880s. It will not be until after The Great War that the US Navy will have cruisers to fill the scout roll.

From a design standpoint (for the game) it will make battleship vs. battleship engagements possible, but I am not sure how the US Navy will find the opposition.

Just want to share this with you all.

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