At War in Distant Waters

9781612511948This is a look at the strategic position faced by Britain prior to the start of The Great War. While more of a strategic and economic history it is useful for the interested in the open moves of the conflict between Britain and Germany.

Britain, as presented by the author Phillip G. Pattee, was going to take part in any greater European conflict due to the fact that that there trade was going to be interrupted no matter if they were neutral or a belligerent. Without trade the British Isles could not operate as imports of food, raw material and oil were needed as imports and finished material exported.

The Admiralty’s strategy was based on keeping trade open, capturing ports that could service the German raiders and finally destroying the raiders. In that order. It is a sign of success that the raiders were neutralized by late 1914 and the only economic weapon left to Germany was the submarine.

This book will stay on my shelf, as it is useful. If you are looking for a combat history I would suggest taking a pass.

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