My Work Bench

So while I have little to show for The Great War (the FT-17s are at least primed) I do have everything based and waiting for either primer or the base coat. I am still not sure what colors to make the FT17s.

First off I need to chose the period. They are not limited to:

  • The Great War
  • Russian Civil War
  • Russo Polish War
  • Back of Beyond
  • World War II – France
  • World War II – Germany
  • World War II – Vichy French against the United States
  • Israeli War of Independence (Syria and I hear tell Egypt?)

I am leaning towards doing one in WWII – German colors and the second in World War II – French colors and still use it for The Great War. Love to hear your thoughts.


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One Response to My Work Bench

  1. I think pink & purple would be pretty.

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