The Yellow Peril (or is it Pearl) is Coming

Ok so this is not politically correct but true. The historical Yellow Peril of the pre-World War II era is showing up again with relish here in the gaming world. Flames of War have taken the lead with the release of Rising Sun. While my interest normally only lies with the 1914-192x era I have always had an interest in Manchukuo and the Russo-Japanese border conflicts. (I will be doing more with Japan and The Great War. Including the Siege of Tsingtao and the Japanese destroyer squadron sent to the Mediterranean in the next couple of months.)

A flame of War is starting with nine products including two rare releases of the Type 89 tank and the Isuzu 1.5-ton truck. I will be reporting on the Type 89 once I receive it. Big demand for this vehicle. I may have to pick up the trucks as well. I do not want my sons of Nippon to have to walk.


Now while this is a surprise for some, Japan was an ideal market for Flames of War but will we see other companies jump on the 15mm World War II wagon.

Rules are available with TOOFATLardies IABSM and specials including In the Shadow of the Rising Sun and The Fall of the Lion Gate. They will need a little updating but are ready for combat in the Pacific, China and the Soviet Union.

Additional figures can also be found from Eureka and Peter Pig.  Terrain is easy as China and the Soviet Union are arid and easy to model. I am sure bunkers, islands and additional landing craft will soon arrive.  Armaments in Miniatures have several very nice landing craft.

So what do you think, are we seeing a revival of interest in Japan and the Pacific War? What are your thoughts?


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3 Responses to The Yellow Peril (or is it Pearl) is Coming

  1. Derek H says:

    I think that tank commander waving his sword about looks incredibly dumb.

  2. jony663 says:

    No dumber than the British with a swagger stick.

  3. Read of at least 1 case (CBI Theater if I remember correctly) when Japanese tank crews with “broken” tanks abandoned them and charged with swords, etc. A waste of trained tankers so maybe not so dumb to model.

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