How have my World War I forces have grown. I will be spending a lot of time over the next two weeks cleaning up and rebasing lots of French troops. To go with them I needed some armor support. Here I have amongst my tanks on the painting tray two examples of one of my favorite tanks the FT-17.

The FT-17 was the proto type of all of the tanks that have come afterwards. While it was never going to break any speed records, the FT-17 was a useful support weapon for both French and American forces.

It was also found after the Great War in the Middle East, China and Latin America. It was copied by the Italians and the Soviets as well as studied by the Japanese.

One of the more interesting stories was that one (or maybe two) was found as derelicts in Afghanistan during the most recent Afghan conflict.

They could show up just about anywhere.

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2 Responses to FT-17

  1. cstoesen says:

    Ah ha! I was right that you had FT-17s in that picture. I have no idea why I like those tanks so much. Then again, most early war equipment finds a soft spot in my heart.

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