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iPad for Photographers

Ok this has nothing to do with models and wargaming and everything to do with being a geek. Or is it nerd. Here is a podcast you will want to listen to to help improve your MacOS photography… I often … Continue reading

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My Work Bench

So while I have little to show for The Great War (the FT-17s are at least primed) I do have everything based and waiting for either primer or the base coat. I am still not sure what colors to make … Continue reading

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The Yellow Peril (or is it Pearl) is Coming

Ok so this is not politically correct but true. The historical Yellow Peril of the pre-World War II era is showing up again with relish here in the gaming world. Flames of War have taken the lead with the release … Continue reading

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How have my World War I forces have grown. I will be spending a lot of time over the next two weeks cleaning up and rebasing lots of French troops. To go with them I needed some armor support. Here … Continue reading

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