MkIV in 3mm

I am very pleased to be able to show off these wonderful gems. Mark IV Male and Female tanks from PicoArmor. These will be available at Historicon at their booth as well as on their website (soon).

First off, yes they are small. Than again they are 3mm figures. These will be useful for both gaming and educational pursuits. These look great on 40mm square bases for the sections.

So how many do you need? Well for me, I needed about 432 tanks to run an engagement latter in 2017. Your numbers may be different.

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4 Responses to MkIV in 3mm

  1. Did they even have that many tanks in any one battle?

  2. 8055bell says:

    Make sure they are properly serviced before re-enacting September 1916. You may change the course of history.

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