432 at Cambrai

The question was asked, “Why 432?”

This number is for Cambrai and comes from a number of sources including the book in the last blog, Tank Action in the Great War by Ian Verrinder.

The nine battalions included:
324 Fighting Tanks
54 Spare
36 Wire pullers
18 Supply (Mk IV Females)
5 Gun Carriers

With each battalion including:
36 fighting tanks (12 per company in 4 sections)
6 spare  tanks (2 per company)
6 supply tanks (2 per company)

The sections at Cambrai normally had 3 tanks, 2 Females and a Male.

These numbers were fleeting as on the second day there were only 60 tanks available and at no time were there more than 87 tanks available.


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2 Responses to 432 at Cambrai

  1. Cambrai is one of the most interesting WWI battles. I made some scenarios for Mud & Blood a couple of years ago (they are in my blog) I strongly recommend not missing Hammond’s Cambrai 1917. It is a MUST. And to see the perspective from the other side of the hill, Sheldon’s The German Army at Cambrai

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