The First World War

9781472804235.225x225-75This July 1 Osprey through iTunes will be releasing a book on new eBook that will contain audio tracks called The First World War. While I really do not need another general-purpose book on The Great War I am looking forward to this release.

This Apple iOS only release is proving the importance of this format for non-fiction works. This will make the history more interactive if done correctly. By correctly I mean by showing sources and being as fair as possible with video coverage.

I also hope that any that the video will be well vetted. I have been disgusted with productions dealing with WWII were US planes are bombing Pearl Harbor or Russian T34 tanks are part of the Normandy breakout.

While this release is leaving out non Apple devices I hope to see a format were all pads are covered.

Let me know what you think. Are there any periods you think this will be well designed for?

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One Response to The First World War

  1. Aníbal Invictus says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I look forward your comments on the book

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