This just in over the wire…

I have been away way to long.  The highlights since my last post includes:

  • NJCon with Mark Kinsey and Tanga combining Over the Top by Command Decision and If the Lord Spares Us by the Lardies
  • Painting up five 1/144 AEG.IV bombers, still a work in progress
  • Completed a German Mediterranean Squadron and the British Armoured Cruisers in 1/6000, rules in an in-house playtest
  • Ordered and waiting on painted British, French and German troops in 15mm still waiting on them, maybe with customs as these troops look dangerous
  • Sent off an order to a new painter to finish up my Askaris
  • Received an order of painted 15mm figures sent to the painter last year. Oh bother.
  • Sent off a commission to have casted a new miniature for a WWI game. I am looking forward to receiving these
  • For non-WWI I started painting up 3mm Polish Recon and Armoured troops for 1944-45

More to come…



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One Response to This just in over the wire…

  1. The ships look great. I am intrigued about your custom figure. Will you describe it or keep us in suspense?

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