100th Blog

Somehow over the last year and three-quarters I have posted 99 blogs. That is more than I ever expected to post. So thank you for reading and following my blog.

As this is my 100th blog I wanted it to be special. After talking to my spouse about ideas for the 100th blog she suggested a top 100 list. While I can come up with a top 10 list of interesting battles or campaigns, but 100 was a bit out of my league.

That is until I started to think what makes The Great War period interesting to me.  The closest my family came to The Great War, was giving me some hand me down WWI tin American soldiers. One of the few things I still have from my childhood.

So, sitting down with a legal pad I started to freely right down a list of topics that I find interesting. After twenty or so I moved the list to a spreadsheet. So these are the reasons why The Great War is of particular interest for me. There isn’t a particular order

I am also sure that many of these will make it as a blog post.

Let me know what you think and what I should add.

Thank you

  • The Schlieffen Plan
  • World War I Myths
  • Book – “The Guns of August”
  • HMS Dreadnought
  • Battle of Jutland
  • The Zimmermann Telegram
  • Movie “Lawrence of Arabia”
  • Study of American Chutzpah in the War
  • U-boat Campaign
  • Really Cool Uniforms – Pickelhaube
  • Propaganda
  • The Rape of Belgium
  • Regimental Histories – The Hood Battalion
  • SMS Emden
  • Battle of the Falkland Islands 1914
  • Webley Revolver
  • The African Queen
  • Zeppelin
  • Mexican Expedition
  • Pith Helmet
  • Hercule Poirot
  • Captain Arthur Hastings, OBE
  • Book – “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”
  • SMS Scharnhorst
  • Battle of Dogger Bank
  • Maschinengewehr 08
  • Movie “My Boy Jack”
  • Snoopy vs. the Red Baron
  • Champagne-Marne
  • Russian Greatcoats
  • Home Front
  • Little Willie
  • Storm of Steel
  • SMS Goeben
  • Scapa Flow
  • Leichte Kampfwagen
  • Movie “Hell’s Angels”
  • Nationalistic Movements
  • Mesopotamian Campaign
  • Adrian Helmets
  • S.E.5a
  • Adventures in Persia/Iran
  • Castles of Steel
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth
  • U-Boat Campaign
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Movie “Gallipoli”
  • Short Magazine Lee-Enfield
  • Dardanelles & Gallipoli Campaigns
  • German Infanterie-Panzer
  • British Mark IV
  • Bristol M.1
  • Conway’s All the World’s Fighting Ships: 1906-1921
  • HMS Furious (In all of her versions)
  • Raid on Yarmouth
  • Gotha G.V
  • Movie “Paths of Glory”
  • Renault FT
  • Bloody April
  • Turkish Kabalak
  • Fokker Dr.I
  • Crossing the Sinai
  • A Peace to End All Peace
  • How did the HMS Black Prince meet her end?
  • Battle off Texel
  • PM M1910 – Maxim’s Machine Gun Model 1910 on Sokolov’s Mount
  • Movie “The Blue Max (1966)”
  • K-Wagen
  • Somme Offensive
  • White Silk Scarves
  • Monarchies role in the conflict
  • SMS Königsberg
  • Regimental Histories – Nelson at War 1914 – 1918
  • HMS Iron Duke
  • Zeebrugge Raid
  • Mark VIII “The International”
  • Movie “Sergeant York (1941)”
  • Belgium Uniforms
  • South-West Africa Campaign
  • Brodie Helmets
  • Medium Mark A Whippet
  • Battle of Tanga
  • Official History of the War – Military Operations 28 volumes
  • Danton Class Battleship
  • Suez Canal
  • A7V Sturmpanzer
  • Movie “All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)”
  • Vickers Machine Gun
  • Fokker Scourge
  • Tank Corps’ Colors
  • Habsburg-class battleship
  • Belgium Fighting Till the End
  • Room 40 : British Naval Intelligence 1914-18
  • HMS Terror
  • Battle of Coronel – 1914
  • Stokes Mortar
  • The Lost Battalion
  • Lewis Machine Gun
  • Dardanelles
  • Jaeger Uniforms
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One Response to 100th Blog

  1. I’d like to read about WWI myths. Have you been watching too many Mythbuster’s? “Leichte”?

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