Shapeways to the Rescue

In the last month I ordered three AEG G.IV bombers from Shapeways. These I was planning to use as a bomber formation to tryout the new rules on bombers for TOOFATLardies Algy rules.

I was a little concerned that one of the bombers had a broken strut. The strut was there, just not attached to the wings. Pre-Internet I would have rumbled about it and do a house fix. I would always know that the plane wasn’t perfect.

What I did was let Shapeways know in a courteous manner and after exchanging emails about the packing the damage to the plane I not only have a replacement aircraft but the aircraft is actually stronger so other collectors will not run into this again. Way to go Shapeways.

For those not familiar with this aircraft here is the write up from Wikipedia.

The AEG G.IV bomber entered service with the German Air Force in late 1916. Because of its relatively short range, the G.IV served mainly as a tactical bomber, operating close to the front lines. The G.IV flew both day and night operations in France, Romania, Greece and Italy, but, as the war progressed, the AEG G.IV was restricted increasingly to night missions. Many night operations were considered nuisance raids with no specific targets, but with the intention of disrupting enemy activity at night and perhaps doing some collateral damage.

The AEG G.IV carried a warload of 400 kg (880 lb).While Gotha crews struggled to keep their heavy aircraft aloft, the AEG was renowned as an easy aircraft to fly. Some G.IV crews of Kampfgeschwader 4 are known to have flown up to seven combat missions a night on the Italian front. A notable mission involved Hauptmann Hermann Kohl attacking the railroad sheds in Padua, Italy in his G.IV bomber.


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One Response to Shapeways to the Rescue

  1. cstoesen says:

    Excellent. What great customer service.

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