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I am really happy. My library dealing with The Great War expanded by three books. Néry 1914 is an extract from The Royal Artillery Museum. It is only 60 pages and should be a fast read. But it is a period book and a bit of a slog.

The other two that came today deal with my Centennial Project. Mark does not realize it, but we are taking our gaming west.

Togoland and the Cameroons, is one of the official histories and always a go to when I am starting a project. (The other set is the Battleground series.) This 450 page book covers the two years it took to complete the conquest of these two German colonies.

The other title is The Great War in West Africa. This was bought with little knowledge of the title. From what I have seen the photographs alone are worth the purchase.  It also helped that The Naval Military Press was having a big sale.

One that I like showed the French cruiser Bruix off of Cameroon. I have always liked those whacky French designs.


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2 Responses to My Library

  1. Mark says:


    The bow on that French ship is like something out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

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