2nd Pulk Pancerny

Three Christmases ago I received a present that changed my life. It was a book that was given to me because it dealt with history, and I am sure no one else wanted it. Funny how that can happen with old musty books.

It was a regimental history from World War II. I am sure if you are of a certain age, your grandfather has one on a bookshelf or up in the attic. He pulls it down from time to time to remember (or help to forget) those trying years and than puts it back never to say anything to anyone.

What made this different was it was a regimental history of a Polish Armored Regiment. How can this be? I am an American. I grew up in the 70s on Polish jokes. Meathead was the only Polish roll model out there.

This was confusing, as I never heard of this. My grandfather fought World War II making steel and pig iron at the Phoenixville Iron Works. The closest thing he came to combat was drinking too much at the firehouse and going home to my grandmother. But here was the book.

Inside was a signature, which did not help me a lot (at first), but there was a connection to me. Now as I continue to do research (it does not help that I never learned Polish) I wanted to do even more. As I have an interest in history and miniatures I wanted to do something with modeling.  More on that later.


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4 Responses to 2nd Pulk Pancerny

  1. Mark says:

    Man, you’re really leaving us hanging. I have a friend who knows Polish, but he lives in Buffalo…

  2. rob v Dommelen says:

    This is a book from 1946. 2 pulk pancerny is a tank regiment from the 1 Polish armoured division. Regards Rob
    Look at http://www.maczekmuseum.nl

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