Timeline for The Great War 100th Commemoration

Last_gun_at_NeryNext year is the start of the 100th Commemoration for The Great War. Over the last year I was looking for ways to explain this pivotal period through my blog, social media and my writings.

At our conventions I look forward to running friendly instructional games were the players are able to better understand the issues facing the commanders on the field.

This is my initial list of engagements. These are design to be non-Western or Eastern Front fights unless they are unique. This is why Nery, Operation Hush and Zeebrugge are on the list. Most of these fights are in East Africa and the Middle East. I am also looking at Asia and West Africa as possible engagements.

So what engagements would you like to see on this list? Try to keep it out of the trenches, if possible. I look forward to researching topics that until I started this blog that I did not know existed. So please let me know what you think.

Affair at Nery
Battle of Tanga
Battle of Qurna

Suez Raid
Landing at V Beach
Battle of Jassin
Battle of Muscat

Battle Yanbu (December to January)
Battle Bagamoyo

Operation Hush
Cambrai – Bourlon Wood

Raid on Zeebrugge

Plan 1919
Back of Beyond
Freikorps Battles

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5 Responses to Timeline for The Great War 100th Commemoration

  1. Aníbal Invictus says:

    I thi k Cambrai 1917 can stand as a unique operation on its own too

  2. tim says:

    The Japanese attack on the German port of Tsingtao in China?

  3. I think Mesopotamia – that way you could include the Indian soldiers and a good old fashioned siege while keeping clear of the trenches.

  4. Barnbarroch says:

    1917 – Battle of Messines, ‘the model show of the whole war’ according to my great uncle Frank Vans Agnew who won his MC there, in B Battalion, the Tank Corps.
    Memoir of the Trenches, Tanks and Captivity 1914 – 1919 by Frank Vans Agnew (Ed. Jamie Vans) is to be published in April or May 2014 by Pen & Sword Books.

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