Cold Wars – Part 1

I had another marvelous experience at Cold Wars. This convention is my favorite of the year. So here are my notes from the show in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

1A of the toy store. Always a favorite of mine.

Evil Bob’s Miniature Painting booth at the show. Bob is my go to person for painting miniatures that I do not have the time for. I even dropped off figures for him to paint that I bought at the show.

21Pictures of a raid on London by German heavy bombers using Wings of War/Glory. Next year it will be Algy.

My Indian Gnomes from the Gnome Wars  Battle of Tanga.
Hard to believe there were going to be two different Tanga games at the show.
Ours was more historical. None the less my troops do look good.

11British Allies on my left. Looks like a good dog.

13Our main objective, I think a hospital. My objective was a tavern. An interesting objective for teetotalers.

15The formation is broken up by the bees.

14Ready to charge the rail line.

16The Scotish Gnomes and Brits crossing the rail line.

17       Unhappy German Gnomes about to be occupied by my Indian troops.

I was happy with the games I played in and watched. It was nice to see so many World War I games at the show. I look forward to next year.

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