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Battle of Tanga – Reading List

It often happens after Mark and I run a game that the players will ask were we obtained our information. The Battle of Tanga has been one of the best-researched battles Mark and I have ever run.  And the research … Continue reading

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2014 Commemorations

As we are fast approaching the centenary of The Great War I am intrigued how it is being handled around the world.  Or in the case of the United States, not. At least three new books (including one by Sir … Continue reading

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Shapeways to the Rescue

In the last month I ordered three AEG G.IV bombers from Shapeways. These I was planning to use as a bomber formation to tryout the new rules on bombers for TOOFATLardies Algy rules. I was a little concerned that one … Continue reading

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My Library

I am really happy. My library dealing with The Great War expanded by three books. Néry 1914 is an extract from The Royal Artillery Museum. It is only 60 pages and should be a fast read. But it is a … Continue reading

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The Great Emu War of 1932

This is really off track from The Great War, but it is a hoot and I needed to share. Once I post this, I can get back to Persian and my Polish Armored Division projects. I promise Mark. So I … Continue reading

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2nd Pulk Pancerny

Three Christmases ago I received a present that changed my life. It was a book that was given to me because it dealt with history, and I am sure no one else wanted it. Funny how that can happen with … Continue reading

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Open Cockpit

I just finished the book, Open Cockpit by Arthur Gould Lee and found it was more than the normal romp of wartime exploits in the air. Much more. This book talks of training, technology process and the costs of war.  … Continue reading

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WWI Ammunition – Still Dangerous

One of the joys of news crawlers and social media, is you can catch a story that you would not normally catch in a local or regional paper.  Last week I saw the story that after testing the remains that … Continue reading

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Cold Wars Part 2 – Tanga

This year’s Cold Wars had Mark, of Daddy’s Little Men fame, and I running the second day of the Battle of Tanga. This battle that occurred in German East Africa was to be the start in the Indian Army conquest … Continue reading

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Timeline for The Great War 100th Commemoration

Next year is the start of the 100th Commemoration for The Great War. Over the last year I was looking for ways to explain this pivotal period through my blog, social media and my writings. At our conventions I look … Continue reading

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