Another Bristol – Bristol M.1

IMG_0094We have a new edition to the No. 14 Squadron stable of aerial misfits. These lovable misfits were receiving the hand me downs from the Western Front. Often fighting aircraft that were generations more advanced. The D.H.1 were used as an escort as late as August 1917 and the BE2c were used as a bomber till the end of the war. Than along comes the Bristol M.1. It was a monoplane of modern appearance and design. It was evaluated by the War Office and offered impressive results having  a speed of 128 miles per hour and the ability to climbing to 10,000 feet in 8 minutes 30 seconds.

Sine the RFC still had in effect a pre-war ban against monoplanes (Early models had a tendency to shed their wings. ) none were approved for service on the Western Front.

While many models went on to serve as trainers and personal mounts, 33 of the 125 ordered were sent to the Balkans and the Middle East. Examples served on the Macedonian Front, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Frederick Dudley Travers is even credited with downing a Fokker D.VII, not an easy feat.

My model is painted in Clear Doped Linen. I do have two more Bristol M.1 on my “to order list”. I will paint up one each in PC.10 and PC.12.  The PC.12 was the desired colors for aircraft serving in the desert, but aircraft were delivered in both schemes.

I seem to be on a roll with Bristol aircraft. I may need to acquire a copy of Bristol Aircraft Since 1910 by Barnes.

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