London 1917-18

prod_21805I found this Osprey, London 1917-18, by Ian Castle, an interesting and enlightened volume to add to any library of a “The Great War”.

It is broken into two sections; the first covers the daylight campaign the second the switch to night bombing and the Germans introducing the Zeppelin-Staaken.

This work has much to offer the gamer as the daylight raids on a table will look spectacular. Twenty to thirty aircraft flying across the table in formation waiting for the woefully equipped British Squadron to come up and meet them.  Well worth the look from your gaming clubs.

The night raids add in the Zeppelin-Staaken an aircraft larger than any bomber used in World War II. They also allow for smaller scale raids as the bombers on night missions flew separately to the targets. The largest fight I can find involves a Gotha V and two Sopwith Camels do able for most individual players.

As it is offered in both print and as an eBook this volume is easy to acquire. I hope you take a look at this book.

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