New Aircraft Arriving

Shapeways has provided me with more of the aircraft needs for the belligerents fighting in the Middle East. These new aircraft often were in conflict with each other in Palestine, yet not on the Western Front.

The reason why was based on the strategy used by Britain and Germany. Second and third-rate aircraft of the RFC was sent to Egyptian squadrons with the BE2c and early scouts soldiering on. The Germans were sending the same aircraft they used on the Western Front to their Palestinian squadrons. The only delays were due to Turkish logistics. That is not to say the Ottomans had good aircraft. There were using the Eindecker through the war.


Martinsyde G.100 with the Number 14 Squadron RFCSo the latest aircraft give the British both bombing capabilities and new scouts with the Germans with the Albatross D.III have one of the best aircraft in the theater. The Germans also used the Albatross D.II, but these were fewer in number. I can also use the Albatross D.III on the Western Front; I just need to get a couple of SE5a.

The Martinsyde G.100 is a useful bomber with a respectable bomb load of 260 lbs. It was also used as a fighter with some success. The Bristol Scout C was an early war scout/fighter designed before the war. Like similar designs, that only received synchronized machine gun in 1916. At that time, more modern scouts were available so the Bristol was sent to squadrons in Egypt, Macedonia, Mesopotamia, and Palestine.


Bristol Scout CBoth aircraft were supplied to the Number 1 RFC Squadron and the No. 1 Squadron AFC.

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