Miniatures, Service and Our Age

I must be getting old. When I started out in our hobby of miniatures and board games I would look through the magazines and catalogues (many just mimeograph sheets) figuring out my orders and send them off. This was as a letter and using a stamp and envelope.

The postal service was very efficient, but often the suppliers were less so. Waiting a month, and more often than not several, was not unusual. And there were times I was over a period by the time the last of the components arrived.


But not today…

Today, I order online from Shapeways, the figures are printed when I order them and are often shipped out and received in less than two weeks. As I live on the east coast of the United States I often will order direct from British companies.  With them I receive my orders often within the week. I am very impressed with the service given by Peter Pig. Miniatures are shipped quickly and accurately.

Rules for me are a mixed blessing. I like the look of the new rulebooks, but I am less likely to buy a new rule system because of their huge price tags. And on that I know I am not alone. I do like companies such as TOOFATLardies that do both hard copy and PDF/iPad versions of their rules and supplements I can carry them all (as well as my personal library) on my iPad. Not something we could do with either Advance Squad Leader or Fighting Wings back in the day.


So what are your thoughts of service today? Do you the direction of the rules as eye candy? And have you taken the plunge of using a pad with your games?

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2 Responses to Miniatures, Service and Our Age

  1. cstoesen says:

    The use of a tablet is on my todo list. The Android that I had bought had to be returned. Getting its replacement is lower than other things on the list. It looks like the USPS will stop delivering mail on Saturdays. Even with the shopping carts on the websites, it is amazing how many figure makers are not giving pictures of their products. As one part improves, another gets worse to make up for it.

  2. You’re not the only one feeling their age! I must admit some companies have really embraced the 21st century and the internet and some are still operated as hobbies and haven’t moved much past the 70s. As to tablets etc. I have a number of pdf rulesets some of which are tablet optimised (TooFatLardies) and I find them convenient especially when looking things up during games. But I really do like a hardcopy when I am first reading them. I have to admit being tempted by the more opulently presented sets particularly if they have more than just the rules in them. I do think expectations have changed regarding presentation but modern tech does make this much easier to do at a modest cost in pdf.

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