Algy Takes to the Sky

Here are a few pics from our Sunday game of Algy, a World War I air combat game. I pulled all of my aircraft out, including ones waiting on decals. Than again we needed the BE2c as a target.

In the first game an Eindecker had to shot down a BE2c while staying away from the DH2. While no aircraft were brought down the Eindecker had trouble turning and the BE2c got away. My DH2 was also having trouble with getting its guns jammed.

IMG_0005It got very close at times.

IMG_0006Here the Eindecker is making a shallow turn to get the slower BE2c.IMG_0007In the second game it was one on one. A Morane-Saulnier N against the Eindecker. These are two of my favorite World War I aircraft. And not a great position for the Eindecker. Do not worry, I was unable to shot him down.

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