A Fork in the Road

I am working on a project right now and I do not know which direction to take. This project will go into my Armies of Rice section and deals with two campaigns in the desert.

The first and easiest is the 1862 campaign in New Mexico. All told I can get both armies at 125 stands or eight packs from Pico Armor. USA is all ready to go out of the packs. CSA only needs a little assistance.

The second and preferred is Napoleon’s 1798 Egyptian Campaign. The problem is only half of the French and none of the Ottomans are available. It would also be my first attempt at Napoleonic gaming.

So the question is do I head north to the silver mines of Colorado, or east to India, via Egypt and Syria. Please leave a comment here on the blog telling me what you think.

Thank you

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6 Responses to A Fork in the Road

  1. Gary says:

    i would do civil war now and the napoleonic when the figures are ready

  2. jkantor267 says:

    If you want to do Egypt, why not use Irregular 2mm?

  3. Nik Harwood says:

    How about both, Jon?


  4. tippecanoe88 says:

    Well, it takes a while to base and paint. So why not work on New Mexico now, and be flexible enough to stop if and when the Ottomans come out.

  5. SAROE says:

    Well, since 3/4 of the Egyptian idea is impossible at this time, your choice is to do New Mexico or not do New Mexico.

  6. Bill Owen says:

    Partly depends on ruleset and situational imbalance. I prefer V&B which could be made to work with either level of forces. With Egypt maybe a 60 stands in V&B’s traditional scale of 500 men/strength point (1 rank of troops) vs. ACW in NM must use either Wing (80 men/sp) or Division (40 men/sp) scale, latter being 40 stands.

    NM appears to me more of a challenging battle whereas Egypt is more of grandiose a campaign with lots of time building detailed cities and terrain to then watch one side rout.

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