My Air Force has Arrived.

Well at least part of it. Today I received my first order from Shapeways and I am very pleased with the results. The models include:

  • 2 of the Nieuport 11
  • 2 of the RAF B.E.2c
  • 2 of the Vickers F.B.5
  • and a Kettering Bug

My initial thought was to do a squadron during the Eindecker era. Than I picked up, Wings Over The Desert: In action with an RFC pilot in Palestine 1916-18 by Desmond Seward and my direction is now going to be No. 14 Squadron, which surprisingly enough was using the BE2c.

A1I am now waiting on the bases and get them into the air. I will also be reaching out to the Lardies, for advice on painting these beauties.

A2Oh, and the reason for the Kettering Bug, well it is so darn cute.

A3The aircraft is much cleaner than the image shows.

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One Response to My Air Force has Arrived.

  1. cstoesen says:

    Looks good. I am still awaiting my Nieuport 10s. They are on their way. Look to the Wings Palette site. They probably have images of your aircraft from the theater you are looking at.

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