BBC – The First World War Story

HIST_ww1storyFor those that have an interest in the First World War, around here we say The Great War, I made a find that needed to be shared. Even though I subscribe to the BBC History magazine, I found this by accident.

At a local Barnes & Noble I was waiting for my daughter so I had a chance to look around. As a student of the period and a book-nut, a bookstore is a dangerous place.

One of the things I gravitated towards was a BBC special publication dealing with The Great War. This 132-page publication covers the war from soup to nuts (Ok beginning to the today as it pertains to the conflict).

From the website:

Fri, 2012-10-26 13:51
Submitted by BBC History Magazine
First World War special edition now on sale

A special collector’s edition of BBC History Magazine is now on sale, giving readers the lowdown on the global conflict that raged between 1914 and 1918.

The issue covers the key battles and personalities, as well as information on what it was like to live and fight through the First World War.

Historians such as Gary Sheffield, Peter Caddick-Adams, Peter Hart and Fiona Reid examine a host of topics – from why the war began and life in the trenches, to the American impact, the crucial final year of the conflict, and the Armistice.

So if you are interested in the period or want to get someone else interested pick up a copy of this publication.

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