Finding Resources

In war resources are always in short supply. You may have seen it in real life or on the screen. Lack of spare parts for your gear, no ammo for the .30 calibers, no petrol for the tanks.  Maybe the wrong crystals for the radio sets.

As scenario designers we have a wealth of resources. We just need to know were to find it. I use the Internet not only to find information on a campaign or battle, but to find the sources. Than I go and find them. These are often over looked books in a library, or cost more to ship than to buy from Abe or Amazon.

There are also communities like TMP, Yahoo and GWP3 where we can than share our finds.  It is in such communities were we get answers to questions only a wargamer could love. Like what is the interior color of the M4 Sherman in 1943, or the proper share of grey green for an early war German blouse.

While these resources are important, many others are close at hand and often over looked. In 1993, Greg Novak was Chief Editor of GDW’s latest periodical called Command Post Quarterly. While I have never player Command Decision, I bought this magazine whenever it was released. Unfortunately it was not quarterly. The reason why I bought it was that it was packed with useful information for battles and troops I was interested in or could be some day.

Today we have a similar set of resources from TOOFATLardies. They offer both semi-annual specials packed with information dealing with their house rules, but often useful for other game systems. There are also their campaign books that offer battles from all corners of World War II.

I hope you will click on the links in this short blog and see what is out there. Now what is the interior color of an Airco DH2?


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