HBO’s The Pacific

I do not know if it is the weather or what, but with the snow we received today, I thought it was a good time to site down and watch the first two shows of HBO’s The Pacific. (I bring up the snow only because the last big storm we had I watched all of Band of Brothers at one shot.)

As a student of history and a wargamer all I can say is wow. The presentation was done at the NCO level and was nobly done.  These men are often said to be the glue that held the units together and this showed you why. They were not only the glue, but always at the point of every engagement.

While there are two scenes that I enjoyed, it was the total presentation of Guadalcanal that impressed me. I really felt for the guy who was lugging around the .30 machine gun in the jungle. You also saw the effects it had on him firing it Rambo style, something missing when Sly Stallone would do it.

And the two scenes, the first was the Marines watch the Battle of Savo Island from a hill think it was the US Navy defeating the Japanese. The second was back on the transport when the NCOs realized that those back home knew of the Battle of Guadalcanal. Never was a cup of coffee more savored.


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One Response to HBO’s The Pacific

  1. I’m looking forward to watching Pacific too – although as with Band of Brothers I’ll need to find some time to get the TV alone!

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