The MG08

The Maschinengewehr 08, or MG08 was one of the most important weapons of the 20th century. Used both offensively and defensibly in the trenches as well as an aircraft mounted weapon, the MG08 was the primary machine gun for Germany from World War I up to the 1940s. With copies and captured weapons used through out Europe and Asia into the post World War II era.

What surprised me was this picture. A picture I have seen in several books. What I did not notice was the gun was not mounted on its more common sledge, but a tripod. As this is not a known (at least to me) MG08 mount I wonder if this is a field mounting or something created in one of the Ottoman arsenals.

While I have to do more research, it has me thinking, do I need to rebase my Ottoman miniatures with the correct gun mount? Hmmm.

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One Response to The MG08

  1. merv the funpoliceman says:

    This might be a Vickers Gun. The tripon mount is more typical for this weapon.

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