Intelligence Report

Well at long last I have completed…

… the two brigades needed for the Indian Expeditionary Force B. There next appointment will be on the outskirts of Tanga looking for the Germans and avoiding the bees.

27th (Banglore) Brigade from the 9th (Secunderabad) Division is in the left two trays while the Imperial Service Infantry Brigade is on the right. I also have a battalion of pioneers not shown and two mountain guns.

The guns were left on the ships and used for direct fire so the chances of using them are slim.

I hope to do better than my historic counter part, but than again that is not real hard. General Aitken’s had losses of over a thousand as well as losing 16 machine guns and 600,000 rounds of ammunition. That in itself would help supply von Lettow through 1916.

Close up images of the troops. Figures from Mini Figs and Peter Pig.

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