It all started with a phone call…

It all started with a phone call from Mark. He just wanted to share some information on a little know battle that took place in German East Africa in 1916. It was a typical British landing of the time. Done with little staff work and almost no thought on the landings them selves. Yet ha had me hooked at one word, monitor.

Just to think a localized landing with a reinforced mixed battalion of rifles, sailors and marines having the support of a battleship and two monitors. There was even an aviation asset in the form of a kite balloon.

This call set in motion a typical wargames delight and dread. Starting on a new front. I knew we were going to be working on German East Africa at some point; I just did not realize I was going to have to build the British Indian Army.

I painted and based up three battalions for my Mesopotamian campaign. With those and a couple of British battalions I was ready to start my drive on Bagdad. But as in the real conflict, my resources were to be taxed. My troops were to be pulled for service in Mesopotamian, Egypt and East Africa and I was going to need more than three battalions.

So as you can see here, my recruits have arrived via the post

And they are looking forward to forming up into their battalions.

I will use the next groups of posting to follow their progress on the way to Tanga and glory.

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2 Responses to It all started with a phone call…

  1. Mark says:

    “Tanga and glory”.

  2. jony663 says:

    We just need to see which side gets the glory.

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