Mark V from Osprey

I was pleased to pick up recently, David Fletcher’s Osprey on the British Mark V. This tank was a major improvement over the Mark I and IV, of which Fletch wrote additional books on. It had the ability to be steered by a single man and it could move faster than most troops could in combat. This was the tank needed to cross the trenches in numbers to take the war to the German. If nothing else it would have made up the bulk of the tanks needed for the spring offensive planned for 1919.  While a far cry from the MBT of today, it was an engineering marvel.

These three books by Osprey are useful to modelers and gamers alike. I have found great materials for scenarios for both If The Lord Spares Us and Through the Mud and the Blood.

Short examples include:

A Mark V that was called on to engage a disabled Mark V being used by the Germans as a machine gun position.

A Battalion of Mark II used in a combat roll. (Not for the gamer with a weak constitution.)

Mark IV being used a “savage rabbits” at a breath taking speed of 4 miles per hour.

I am sure if you are reading this blog, these will be of value to you. Now if we could only get him to do one on the Whippet.

Mark V from Osprey

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