Two Battleships for Turkey

While in my recent post, I discussed the possible actions that were encountered by pre-dreadnoughts in the Mediterranean Sea. The reasons for that, is the allies had most of the Central Powers dreadnoughts bottled up in the Adriatic. While the Goeben was a powerful vessel in the Black Sea, it was also closed up in Constantinople.

This may not have been the case if the Ottoman government would have been able to take possession of the recently purchased battleships from Britain. Either vessel would have changed the position of the Ottoman Empire in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean Seas.

The Sultan Osman I with her fourteen 12” guns was to go on to be the HMS Agincourt.

The Reshadieh with her ten 13.5” guns was to go on to be the HMS Erin. Her guns were to be used by the British at Jutland.

Both ships are available for the what ifs of history through GHQ. These are excellent castings and will look grand with any Turkish squadron.

Photos are from the GHQ website.

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